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What of my information can others see when they send me money EXACTLY

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Okay, I just want to know what someone who sends me money sees exactly? Like, can they see my complete bank information? If I have multiple email addresses linked, can they see all of them? Or just one? Can they see my street address? What can they see?!?


A response preferably sooner rather than later would be MUCH appreciated as it is semi-time sensitive.


Thank you in advance!!!


What of my information can others see when they send me money EXACTLY

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They see your name or business name (if appropriate) and the email address that they are paying to.

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What of my information can others see when they send me money EXACTLY


Hello, @confusedtotears. Your questions are all very good (and very important!), but I'm sorry for any distress you've experienced with these questions. That's not the kind of experience PayPal wants for customers! @kernowlass is absolutely correct with the excellent information they provided. Here is a little more information I hope will be helpful.


When someone sends a payment via PayPal, they need the recipient's email address or confirmed phone number to start, or they need to have received a Money Request or an Invoice. PayPal doesn't provide email addresses or phone numbers to anyone, so they have to get that information from the person they are sending money to.


PayPal never shares financial information with anyone, so you can rest easy about that. PayPal also doesn't share additional information like other email addresses you may have linked to your account. Lastly, when someone sends money to you, PayPal will not share your street address, or other personal details.


When someone sends a payment, they will see the name (Personal account) or business name (Business account) of the person they are transacting with. For money sent to a Business account, PayPal will display a customer service phone number in the transaction details, but only if one has been added and marked as something that can be shared with buyers.


To see more information on what PayPal shares, please log on to your account and click Privacy at the bottom of any page. I hope this is helpful. Thanks for being a part of the PayPal Community!






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