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View old transaction history (beyond 3 years)

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View old transaction history (beyond 3 years)

I've browsed other topics that ask this question, but all of the solutions offered for them seem to be outdated and no longer work. (Ex: using the history page)


Is it still possible to view transactions older than 3 years? I am trying to recover a license key for a product I purchased through PayPal years ago and need my transaction info to do so. I cannot find the old transaction email, so this is my only hope. I don't remember the specific year the transaction was made in, only that it was made years back and I can't see it in any of the records for the last three years (which is all I seem to be able to view).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: View old transaction history (beyond 3 years)



Try this, works in my country but not sure about yours.


Go to Activity > Click on Statements with the 3 horizontal lines underneath NOT the blue link below > click on Custom the top option > scroll down the left hand side and click on Transactions > click on the last on the right Transaction Finder > select the way you want to search in the search box and scroll down to transaction type and date and fill it all in.

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Re: View old transaction history (beyond 3 years)



When I do this I get the following message "You can create and download a detailed report of all your transaction activity for any period of time in the past 3 years."

Am I missing something?




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