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United Kingdom


United Kingdom

Does anybody know the phone number to american head office of paypal Please.

As I need to talk to head office and not be diverted to other country look  Turkey or India or Malaysia as thay are uk agents.

As I am in UK I expect to talk to Paypal UK from own country and not be diverted to a other country.

As I have Phone the UK number but get diverted to other country who does not  speak English as first language but their second language English.

I ask for senior manager the customer service agent can't help me and will not put me through to a senior management.

If I put this in writing as an email I charge £25 per letter after 28 days I charge interest on this as well and there is a second charge of £25 for the
following of month as well.

All I ask for is to talk to the UK PayPal office not to be diverted around the world as my complaint is to do with United Kingdom PayPal only or speak
to the head office in America.

Can anybody help me please.

Thank  you