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Unauthorised payment pending


Unauthorised payment pending

So I bought someone on depop for £38 and payed through PayPal using my bank card which was on my PayPal. I then checked my bank the next day and £203.7 has been taken from my account in the the PayPal name of the girl who I bought stuff on depop from. I contacted her and she only received the original £38. She showed me screenshots of her PayPal and her bank account to prove it. On my Barclays app tho it’s saying her PayPal has charged me £203.7 and it’s left my account but it’s says it’s pending. I contacted my bank and they can reverse it but say PayPal but take it back at any point so better to contact them. I’ve tried to but can’t seem to actually speak to anyway. Can anyone please help.
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Re: Unauthorised payment pending

Hi @Mccauleymackay. Thank you for reaching out to the community and I hope you're doing well. I believe that the payment is on hold on the merchants end. You could try to do the buyer's confirmation. Just follow these steps.


First log in to your Paypal account (NOT ON MOBILE APP)

Next Go to Activities and locate the original transaction.

Then look for CONFIRM RECEIPT. you will be ask if you have received the merchandise or service and if you are satisfied. If yes click YES and the funds will be released on the merchants end immediately, If not go for NO the hold could last for 21 days.


Thank you for your business and God bless.

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Re: Unauthorised payment pending



I don't think the paypal hold is the issue.

She paid £38 to a seller on Depop but £203 was taken from her bank account, that is the issue.




Sellers are credited upfront by paypal and then paypal wait for the funds to transfer.

Not sure what has happened here but it sounds as if paypal have credited the seller correctly but more was taken from your bank account.

If your bank reverses it then it could be the funds to pay the paypal for crediting the seller in advance may not transfer and so leave your paypal account in negative.

Not sure what to advise really, maybe get your bank to reverse and then if paypal take the incorrect amount again and it clears raise it as a billing issue in the resolution centre.

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