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Today 4 U 2morrow 4 Me....


Today 4 U 2morrow 4 Me....

Hey can you raise money here like to pay rent? I just got hurt broke 4 toes got kids but unemployment and social services couldnt help cause I'm still hired and was making too much they said, social security takes 3 to 5 month to get approved I just apply and state disability benefits turn me down cause I need to go to a specialist buy workers compensation is lagging so I havent seen a specialist and they wont let me returned to work cause is a fraudulent violation they say so today I got denied so I got to appeal takes up to 30 days but my Bill's all behind cell gets cut tonight and rent coming weekend so what u guys think I should do to raise some cash for bills and all ? Salvation out of budget and went to churches but same dead end? I been praying n all but I cant even sleep, today i dont eat so they can get full. I can't work or if u guys know how can work online but I not even have a tablet or laptop and this phone is hard too small the Samsung J2
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Re: Today 4 U 2morrow 4 Me....


Sorry but begging for donations is against forum rules, if it wasn't then we would be inundated with these posts and those needing actual Paypal help for Paypal issues would be delayed getting that help.
I doubt anyone is going to send funds to a 'stranger' with any unverified story.
Try a 'gofundme' page?

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.