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This is true?


This is true?

We are contacting you Concerning the payment verification process. We want you to know that we have finished with the process and we can now see that the payment is valid. Your Money is ready to be activated but while processing that we received an email from that her shipping agent are asking for extra € 200,00 EUR funds for the Insurance fee for the clearing of the Merchandise at the border and the shipping company also contacted us and they also get back to us with the Assistant Agent details in charge of the clearance. So (  ----------made additional Payment of € 200,00 EUR  and the extra  is for the Paysend fee.             

                       We want you to know that the total amount of 
€ 1,600,00 EUR has been deducted from  --------  'account, all you have to do now is to send the € 170,00 EUR to the Shipping agent  via Paysend Money Transfer Service and get back to us with the payment details. As soon as you send the Money and get back to us with the Paysend Details, We shall activate the total sum of  € 1,600,00 EUR into your Bank account immediately because the money has already been deducted from    ----------    account and it is ready to be activated into your account after you have send the € 170,00 EUR   to the assistant pick up agent.
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Re: This is true?




They encourage you to accept a 'direct' Paypal payment and may ask you to send the item internationally.
No funds or activity of the transaction shows in your Paypal account and any emails 'may' go into your junk/spam folders.

They don't quibble on cost and may also say they can't view the item as they are disabled or working abroad etc etc but they will arrange a shipping agent to collect it.

You will get/got a "fake" email that looks as though it is from isn't because they don't actually have a Paypal account and have no intention of paying you.
It will say the buyer has paid won't have been paid.

The 'fake' paypal email will tell you that the buyer has paid for the item + shipping costs but you must send those shipping costs to the courier/ shipping agent via anther payment processor than Paypal OR via providing some vouchers or tokens before the funds are released to you.
They are not interested in the item, they just want that couriers/shipping funds and you will never see money in your paypal balance.

Paypal NEVER tell you to send an item before the payment is showing in your paypal account.
Paypal NEVER expect you to use a rival money transfer service eg Moneygram or Western Union etc.
Also their is no seller protection on paypal for any type of motor vehicle or item that is collected by the buyer.

Delete any emails and ignore the scammers.

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