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The problem with PayPal non-refundable transaction fees


The problem with PayPal non-refundable transaction fees

The issue with PayPal's non-refundable transaction fees, is it create a dispute between the buyer and the seller. If a buyer returns a item for whatever reason, they expect to receive a full refund. Nowhere is it mention to the buyer that the transaction fee is non-refundable, and that they may not receive it if the seller doesn't issue it. The seller shouldn't be made to issue money he never receive, especially out of his own pocket.

Because if a dispute is filed from the seller because they didn't receive the full amount, how is PayPal supposed to rule on that, when the dispute is the basis for the non-refundable fees? How can they say the seller needs to refund the fees, when the seller never receive the full payment in the first place He can only refund that part of the payment he received.

The seller already had to forfeit the sale he made and refund it, must he be made refund the part that PayPal deducted as "transaction fees" ? No way is that a fair policy. 

PayPal should address this situation and add a note to the transaction fees, because how can they decide a dispute case involving transaction fees when in fact the very basis for the dispute is the non-refundable fee itself.  Again seller never received it.

It should be noted by PayPal to any buyer that transaction fees are non-refundable, and the seller does not have to refund that part of the payment since he never received it. It's the cost of doing business. The same as making a payment with a deposit, some deposits are not refundable.

Example if you gave me $100 to rent you a car, then for whatever reason you changed your mind and want to cancel, and I only return to you $75, because the rental company said the $25 was not refundable, you can't get mad at me and expect me to pay the $25 you didn't get back.