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Terrible Customer Service


Terrible Customer Service

I’ve been trying to get ahold of an actual agent for two hours now and I’m absolutely astonished at the apparent runaround I’ve been given and when I finally get past the ridiculous automated system I’m told the call is being recorded and I get ten seconds of hold music then dead air. I have enough experience working at cal centers to know what’s really going on here is these so called “agents” in whatever third world country they’ve outsourced to are taking calls and forwarding them or putting us into a queue. I have tried FIVE! different numbers now all with same results. This is absolutely ridiculous business practices for 2019 I would much rather deal with DMV or my local cable provider than have to try to resolve an issue with this joke of a company’s “customer service”.

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Re: Terrible Customer Service



The only number you should be using is the one you access when going to help/contact bottom of paypal pages.

If you are using google to access paypal numbers you may well be phoning scammers.

When you get through you may have to put it on loud speaker for a few hours until they pick up but at least you will get paypal customer services.

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