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Spoof emails. Thought you all should know.


Spoof emails. Thought you all should know.

I received in my junk folder a spoof email. Notifying me to policy changes to Paypal which require me to log in & update my details accordingly. The link in the email shows as paypais com/g. Which can be very deceptive to someone of poor sight. But that site redirects you to another side, which asks you to log in like normal. But when you enter your login details, it does actually log you into paypal, as it forwards you to paypal once you sign in, making you believe it genuine. However, its actually logged your details. 

Paypal will not ask you to log in to your account for any reason. Any emails from paypal, instruct you to log in to fix a problem. But will not provide a link for you to do so. They allow you to direct yourself the normal way. 

I highly recommend people use the 2 step verification process. Where every time you log in, it asks you for a code sent to your mobile phone before allowing you to log in. It really cant get more secure than this.

I'm very savvy when it comes to things like this. But I thought I would let you guys know about it in case you get that email as well. 

I haven't emailed paypal about it. Because every time I do, despite me making it perfectly clear that I didn't click on links or hand over any of my details. Its purely informing them of what I received. They insist on locking up my account & forcing me to verify everything. So I no longer bother & I wouldn't recommend you do either. 

Thanks & stay safe 🙂