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** Spoof / Phishing Emails - Tips on how to identify & stay protected **


Re: Suspicious Email from <removed>

Hi graham01, 


When PayPal send you an email we will always address you using your full name and we never put links in our emails. However as the email address seems to be addressing someone elses name I would suggest that you contact us to confirm the emails you have been receiving. 


To contact us please click on the contact us link at the bottom of every PayPal page. 


I hope this helps 


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Re: Suspicious Email from service @



i got an email with the same email address and i sent it to can you please send the correct link of Paypal where we can register. is there a fake website of this?




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Re: Suspicious Email from service @

Guys. When getting an email like this, click forward and check the actual email. This is one I got today from "service @" <hilar.jupti @> So the name on the email account is a correct PayPal account but the actual address is a fraud. Always check for the actual address. What you see is basically a title. Always be vigilant, I learnt the hard way.
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Re: Suspicious Email from service @

i just got the same email and first thing i did was cheking the meail adress not the title and it turns out to be from "hiloi.jins @"

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Re: Suspicious Email from <removed>

I received a similar email this morning.  On closer inspection, I noticed the email was from intl.paypa"i".com. (without the quotes).  The last letter in paypal was cleverly replaced with a capital "i".  Most definitely a scam.

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Re: Suspicious Email from <removed>


This morning I just received an email similar as graham01 had received. "Welcome to Paypal...." from service[at]

I do use Paypal with another email address, but Paypal recipient email address has never been used to sign up on Paypal ! Also email is addressed to "tom lee" with chinese address. Of course it is not my name and I do not leave in China.

What is the next process to be sure that no Paypal account will be used with my email address ? (Moreover my email address is build with firstname+lastname@companyname) .

What about the confirmation code within Paypal message ? How to contact Paypal and tell them to delete this account ?

Please help !




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Re: Suspicious Email from <removed>

I too have received the same email. Requesting email addy confirmation. It's an email address I have but not for paypal & gives an address in China & the acc name of lee Tom. I live in the UK! Can anyone advise?


Re: Suspicious Email from <removed>

Hi there NTGroup, 




I have escalated both of your accounts to be reviewed, don't worry however there is no risk involved to your account or your information if someone has used your email address. 


Can I ask that you send an email from your actual PayPal account by clicking on 'Contact Us' at the bottom of the page and state the email address that you have received this email to.




Re: Suspicious Email from <removed>

I Too have this Lee tom on two of my recent transactions...

I cannot confirm payments as im not sure the transaction will be secure..

Whats my next move?

Re: Suspicious Email from service @


 I recieved a few emails from the same address. I sold a ring online and the buyer contacted me via texting my sell phone. I told ghim that i would only accept payment via paypa. I got one email stating that the payment was recieve and deducted from the buyers paypal account and that it would be deposited into my account after I sent the tracking number.

After that I then got a "payment confrimation" email from the same address w/ the buyers email address and info on it.

From there it said to ship the item and when the tracking number is provided then the funds would be placed in my account.

I provided the tracking number when i shipped it on 10.11.2012 @9:56 AM.  The tracking number is CW654797111US. After that I athen got a email stating that they recieved the tracking number and the funds are still not in my account. Ive contacted paypal 2 times and all I get is a automatied response.



Anyone have any suggestions??????????

If anyone that works for paypal on here please assist. Ive been with paypal for 12 yrs and never had an issue untill now.



paypal id: philcollins_kid