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Social security


Social security

Does paypal post social security immediately when they receive it or wait until the posted paydate?
New Community Member

Re: Social security

I'd like to know this as well.  See, a couple months ago I changed my SS disability payments to be direct deposited to my PP acct.  At the time, having the $ on my PP card was more convenient.  However, I've to notice that before, when  my $ was still being deposited to my Direct Express card, I could go get money and buy stuff as soon as the clock hit 11pm on my pay day.  With Paypal, it seems it doesn't hit until sometime the following morning.  Almost as if it got thrown in to some office worker's 'Things I'll Do Tomorrow' list.  Sure, its only a matter of hours, but damn if it isn't annoying as all hell.

   Darren Pierazek