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Setting up new PayPal account for a client

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Setting up new PayPal account for a client

I have a client with a simple e-commerce website.  She won’t give me adequate access to her PayPal account to integrate the website shopping cart (WooCommerce) with her PayPal account because she has trust issues. Nonetheless, this has to be done and the project is now a couple of weeks overdue.  So I am wondering if I can set up an entirely new pay pal account and then turn it over to her? I would need to completely remove my information and connection to the account and make it hers. Is this possible or would PayPal’s various safeguards think this was somehow a fraudulent transaction?

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Re: Setting up new PayPal account for a client



Do not set up a new account for the client, especially under your name because transferring it over would be a PITB can of worms you want no part of. Just give instructions on how to plug her PayPal email address or merchant account ID in the cart code and settings she has to adjust within her PayPal account which should be too difficult. Should she have any problems, she can consult you or PayPal tech support.

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