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Sending money to cousin (Canada to US)


Sending money to cousin (Canada to US)

I heard of a 1% fee for sending money from Canada to the US to a relative. In that case, is the sender (me) forewarned of these charges beforehand such that they can agree/disagree. And then, there is the question of the currency exchange rate too. I also want to be sure that 'mystery money' does not go missing in what I send but I personally acknowledge any fees and absorb them. I want to only click OK when I know all the costs involved without any smoke or mirrors. Please advise as I don't want to see any deductions on the amount received in the US (aka my cousin). Thanks.

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Re: Sending money to cousin (Canada to US)



Click to send the funds > put in the email address > SELECT THE FRIENDS/FAMILY OPTION OR TRUSTED PERSON OPTION > put in the amount and select the currency USD from the drop down list.

Then check everything especially the email address as if there is a spelling error you could lose the money.

Then before you click to pay it will tell you how much would be deducted from your funding source in CAD. 

Its free from a bank account or funds in your balance APART FROM currency conversion / cross border fees.

But you would pay extra if you funded it from a card.

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