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Sending Product

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Sending Product

I am concerned about getting scammed when a deal is agreed upon, is the funds deposited in the PayPal account available to me when the product is sent, or when the product is received? How is it determined if the respondent states they did not receive and funds not available?
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Re: Sending Product



Once the buyer has paid then the funds are always SHOWING in your paypal balance, if they are not and you just get emails to say you have been paid the probably a SCAM.

Even if your funds were pending under the new seller hold they would still SHOW in your paypal account balance.

Read the link for more information on that...


As for items not received disputes you would lose if you did not send trackable so your best bet is to actually go and read up on paypals seller protection policy in paypals user agreement for your country to see what you are and are NOT covered for, then you can risk assess your transactions.

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