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Selling fees

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Selling fees

I sold a purse on eBay and received a payment throughPayPal for $554.23, PayPal then charges me a fee of $16.37, so i should have received a total of $537.86. Instead when they finally released the fund they only gave me $497.28 With no explanation where the rest of the money went. And 2 different people on chat ended the chat and it started giving me and error when i tried to reopen chat.
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Re: Selling fees



Have you bought anything and paid for it via paypal since the payment went in??

The reason i ask is that if you have funds in your paypal balance and then buy something then paypal will sometimes take from those funds if you have it as your requested funding source.

To check go and click on the word "details" next to any recent paypal buying transaction and see if they were funded from your paypal balance ie buyers payment rather than your normal funding source.

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