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Sellers dishonestly stating location of goods

New Community Member

Sellers dishonestly stating location of goods

I have an ongoing issue with sellers advertising locally available goods, however they are always sent directly from China with a freight forwarder.  I have raised this matter with customer service in the past, however it seems to be ignored.

This is actually against Ebay policy, and in April this year I had another issue which I took up with Ebay Customer Service.  On this occasion however I was able to provide extensive evidence that this seller was not only knowingly doing this, but very possibly had numerous accounts doing exactly the same thing.  When the same items is available from exactly the same Australian location, with the the same pricing and exactly the same shipping details (freight forwarder), this should have rang alarm bells.

It has now been 10 weeks and absolutely nothings has been done.  I have heard nothing back from my three complaints, so clearly there's and overriding need to earn money, so they turn a blind eye to the problem and ignore their own policy.  I personally don't have a problem buying from overseas, however there are instances where I need something quickly and will choose locally.  When I can no longer trust the sellers, there's a problem.  When I can no longer trust Ebay to do anything about it, that's a much bigger problem.

Is there any way I can get this matter attended to by someone other than customer service.  Right now I'm on the border of just closing my account.  I'm actually digusted by the fact that they just keep ignoring this matter.