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Security Codes

New Community Member

Security Codes


I have been sent 3 x security codes for paypal via text message over last 3 days. After first text I changed my password (last Friday) but again today (Monday) I have recently received 2 more texts. Any one shed any light on what is happening?



Re: Security Codes

Hi mikesavo, 


I can understand how this would be confusing so thanks for reaching out! Normally, when you receive security codes, it's because someone is attempting to either gain access to your account and they have your password or they are attempting to reset your password and we are sending a security code to have them verify their identity. If you have updated your password, that should resecure your account to make sure they don't know the password anymore. Did you reset the password on your phone or on a computer? If it was done on a computer, make sure to run a virus scan on the computer to verify that the computer is safe. 


If you reset the password on your phone, it could be that someone is attempting to reset your password which you won't have to be worried about this if you are the one receiving the code to verify the account. 


I hope this helps!