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Scammed via Digital Goods.


Scammed via Digital Goods.

I was scammed by while attempting to purchase digital goods for a game, Cabal Online. The company basically tried really hard to find any problem possible with my account, once resolved they flat out denied me a refund and told me I had to make ANOTHER payment first through Western Union (in which a refund is impossible) THEN they would deliver and refund the first order. This makes absolutely no sense as it's a blatant and obvious recipe to be scammed. Luckily, I took screenshots of the entire event, chatting with their 24/7 live chat representative, asking them if I am eligible for a refund at ANY given moment I deem so, so long as the gold has not yet been delivered and they said yes. I wait 2 days and the company is hesitant to deliver my gold. They want me to pay AGAIN via western union in order to refund my previous transaction and deliver my old order (which as I said before is an obvious scam). I have screenshots of ALL of this, them confessing to YES having received my money and it being in their hold, but refusing to deliver until I make a second payment under Western Union; to simplify, yes we have your money, but we will not refund it until you buy another of our products under a no refund policy. I take this to the police station and present my evidence, they find me in the right and give me a police report with a Victim ID #. I take this to the bank and they are able to make a full recover of my money on my bank account (as the money was drawn from my bank account, and paid through pay-pal). The police and bank had deemed this a completely obvious scam, along with hundreds on hundreds of other complaints from buyers claiming it was a scam with nearly 0 positive reviews. They also failed to provide a mailing address. I figured everything was fine, but today I wake up to see, that my pay-pal had been charged the balance which my bank was able to recover from my bank account. In other words, I still lost all my money, however instead of being paid with my bank account, it put my pay-pal balance negative. I have screenshots of:
1. Them guaranteeing to having a refund policy if I am unhappy before delivery
2. Them confessing to having my money, receiving the transaction but not willing to deliver until I buy another product from their website under a no refund policy payment method.
3. I contacted their customer support representative, he told me in a personal e-mail I had to purchase another item from them under a no refund payment plan in order to be delivered, however, the same day he lied on the dispute I opened and said to me in the dispute messages the order had been delivered, that same day, AFTER he stated it had been delivered. I requested their live chat to look my order up through my order number, and they said it had NOT been delivered. Proving that the response on the dispute I had opened up was false and he attempted to lie.
4. I have a picture of my identity and of the police report which was filed in my favor as a victim.

What are the odds of me being able to successfully get my money back despite it being a digital good? I feel as though I have every shred of evidence that points towards in my favor.

If you have any questions that would help you in helping me come ahead in this situation, please ask and I will reply instantly.