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Scammed by fake people posing as paypal!!!

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Scammed by fake people posing as paypal!!!

Recently there was a cancelation to a transaction that I made with a friend where i haven't received how long it will take to refund so I call customer service but I didn't enter the website inside I click the number under pay pal on Google and directed me to some man named mark he is Indian he told me in order to recieve my refund I needed to buy a Google play card for 387 which you know why not I did it and apparently I did something wrong which he forced me to buy more and in the end he made me but 2887 dollars worth of pay pal cards until I was broke and said he will send my refund in an hour and of course he posed as pay pal and he even told me that everything was recorded I was furious at this man named mark he eventually deactivated the number and now no money his number was <removed> but now its inactive and can't do anything about it since he took it all. Is there any advice out there to get the money back from Google play cards and scammers like this. Ps there were many people who picked up the phone who made it seem like a pay line with actually hold music these guys were something and very convincing

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Re: Scammed by fake people posing as paypal!!!



Why on earth would paypal tell you to buy google play cards to get a refund?

Surely you must have realised it was a SCAM !!!

NEVER google for paypals telephone number, click on help /contact bottom of paypals pages for their real number.

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