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Scam? I want my money back.

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Scam? I want my money back.

Hi paypal I need help asap! This guy which he calls himself as a "sugar daddy" gives people money and he doesn't seem like a scam so I went for it just to try it. He was first sending me 3.5k and he asked for a $50 ebay gift card so i bought one and done, he then asked for $200 I said hmm why but whatever I bought a $200 and sent it. He then out of nowhere decided to change the amount from 3.5k to 7.5k and now according to him PayPal requires another $200 so I was like okay so then it was successful so I thought it was done, but no. He asked for $500 but i kept asking him to buy it himself and i'll pay back when he gives me all that money. He said no that it was to be me and that it's my transaction which is dumb. This morning he sent me a screenshot and it says I need a $500 ebay card because something about the index number was not right. I said, it was successful and it said I'll get it in about 24 hours. So then I kept saying no but he didn't want to give my money that I spent on ebay cards back. He kept saying if he cancels the transaction he'll lose the money because it's a business acount. I don't care. I want my money back. Oh but wait, so I was arguing with him and said this is the last time so I gave him the $500 and I told him im not a bank i dont have all the money isn't he supposed to give ME money instead?? I mean isn't he a "sugar daddy"? Anyways, he now wants something about index verification code and to get a $200 ebay card and i said not this time. I've been telling him I will report him if he doesn't give me my money. We're texting through the app Kik. What's weird is I got an invoice in my email right now and the weird part is i see the paypal logo and im able to save that part to my photos, also his signature or whoever it is, also the bottome part that has like a head figure and my name and link and the amount he sending me. The other thing that is weird is the email for paypal there says, <removed> is that the actual email or canter supposed to be center? Please help me I want my $1,250 money back I don't care about all that 7.5k anymore.

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Re: Scam? I want my money back.



Not sure if this is a joke or not, sugar daddy, for real???   🤣


Sadly however you have been scammed, you never need to send money to receive money and certainly not by ebay cards or vouchers etc.

You have been responding to fake paypal emails and none of the transaction was done using paypals site so unfortunately you are on your own on this one.

If you received an 'invoice' then that is a request for payment and not a receipt to say that they have paid.


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