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Scam Email

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Scam Email

Hello, I recently tried to do a transaction, but the email was a little spoofy. I jad a total of 3 emails, one with a lot of unorganized stuff on the email. And the other 2 were telling me I had to send money to a private transport agency. Is this a scam? Thanks, L0L59 P.s: On the bottom of one of them, the date was literally 20178.

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Re: Scam Email

Sounds spoofy !


* Forward the entire email or emails to:
* Do not alter the subject line or forward the message as an attachment.
* Delete the suspicious email from your inbox.
* Never click on any links within the email or open any attachments.

Look at the email address domain and wording in the email, grammar, salutation, spelling, etc.  If any of these are questionable, it's most likely a spoof.

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