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Hi I'm this guy 1180 and I just want to ask about safeguarding in security I had an NSF fee on the 4th of March and realizing that I went on right away and try to make my balance right through the PayPal website and made a $25 payment on the 7th and seen that it said it was pending and being the count by the 18th on the 12th PayPal went into my account and took another $25 that made my insurance balance and made that $25 bounce as well giving me a NSF fees of $96 and a bounced insurance for my car I'm a family of eight and I want to know why wasn't I notified are informed that by making that payment still didn't stop the automatic system from still taking out another $25 8 Days Later even after I made the payment there was no notifications and the system didn't wait for that pending payment go through before going to my bank and take another $25 I'm getting there there's no accountability and it's just the automated system but I'm a human being and this really affecting my family so what I went to know where are the safeguards in place for something like that happening?

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Re: Safeguards



Once you have authorised that payment and it fails paypal will put your account into negative until its paid back.

They try again a few days later and if that fails they may try any back up cards you have linked instead.

If in the meantime you 'add' funds to your paypal balance to clear it then you may have x2 payments transfering to clear the debt so the first one will clear it and the second will be 'credited' as a + to your balance.

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