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Wonder if I can get advice from the community about buying items and not receiving them. I bought a small item £3.59 from Ebay. It did not arrive. The courier and tracking process says it was posted through my door. I contacted the company to ask the delivery person regarding the item being posted in the wrong letter box. The courier company responded by saying they could not get hold of the courier as the person worked for an agency and could not be contacted. They suggested I contact the seller. I contacted Ebay and raised it as a case. Ebay sided with the seller and would not refund or send a replacement. I have taken it up with Paypal. There is no response from the seller after a week and I do not have any faith in a positive outcome. Has any members experienced this before?


Re: Repayment

Hello celticbro,


Welcome to the PayPal community and thank you for your post.


We can help you to open a case if you can send your request by email. Send us an email by going to the message Centre of your PayPal account. Please provide as much information as possible including the Transaction ID for the payment before you submit this. It will then be attached directly to your account and we can review this for you. You will find the Message Centre here.