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Refund fees


Refund fees

I asked someone to pay me as Friends and family so there are no fees but 3 times they didn’t do it! When I refund them their payment don’t get charged a fee? Thanks
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Re: Refund fees


Its against Paypal rules to accept a family / friends payment for selling goods and you risk your Paypal account being limited if you do so.

A buyer would not be able to open a Paypal dispute for non-receipt of item OR item not as described as they would have no Paypal buyer protection.
However they can still open a dispute for an unauthorised transaction OR do a chargeback (via their card issuer) and you may well lose as you would have no Paypal seller protection.


Secondly fees are no longer returned when you issue a refund so you have probably lost more money than if you had complied by paypal rules and accepted a goods/services payment in the first place.

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