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Receiving payment

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Receiving payment

I am a seller and a buyer just sent me a payment but I received a random email from a shipping company saying I have to pay them the shipping charges and after that they will release my whole payment. Is this true or Not?

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Re: Receiving payment

Sounds like a big red flag !


Hopefully as the seller, you sent the buyer an invoice, the buyer pays, you get the money, you then package the item, purchase your shipping label and insurance if applicable, then ship the item and annotate the tracking number in the transaction detail.  If the item has to be picked up or you deliver it, you're not covered for Seller Protection as per the User Agreement.   If you met this buyer via Craigslist or some other online service and there's a 3rd party shipping/delivery service involved or it's mentioned during the transaction and the buyer sends you money upfront rather than you invoicing the buyer - it's a red flag.   If the item you're selling can't be shipped, tracked and insured if applicable, then consider selling local for cash - it's your safest option.



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