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Receiving or Sending Money


Receiving or Sending Money

I'm sure somewhere this has been answered, I but I am tired of looking for it. You say all somebody needs is our email address and they can click make payment or something like that and it's done. The new user such as myself doesn't get it. Does the sender need to go to the PayPal site and then type in the email address? Where is this done? I've seen people have asked for step by step instructions, could you please put those here?

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Re: Receiving or Sending Money



Your tired of looking for it BUT want us to give you detailed info on a voluntary basis.

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Re: Receiving or Sending Money


I'm not sure if you are being sarcastic or I am missing something. So far my PayPal experience has not been good. I'm sure it's all very simple once you have done it, but for a newbie not so much. I have also never had a site apologize to me so many time for not being able to complete something. I just did the survey, and when I was done the site was unable to process it. Maybe it only takes positive replies? Thanks.


Re: Receiving or Sending Money

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In general, it depends if your counterpart is sending you money from their PayPal account directly or if you are selling through a Third Party Platform such as eBay or your website. In the first case, the buyer will have the option to send money for 'Goods and Services' to complete a purchase or for 'Friends and Family' in order to send money as a gift. Only the first option would be covered under our Seller and Buyer Protection policy. To send a payment directly from your PayPal account, you can follow this process


In the second case, if you are selling through your own website, you will have to integrate a PayPal button in order for your customers to select PayPal as a payment method. For other platforms, the PayPal option should already be available and you should only link your PayPal account to your Third Party Platform account in order to receive payments. You can find more information about our Business options here


I hope this helps!