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Receiving Emails for SOmeone Else

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Receiving Emails for SOmeone Else

I have multiple emails accounts for myself - one from Yahoo, back when that was the popular choice, and one in Gmail. 


My Paypal account uses my Yahoo email, because when I set it up, I did not yet have Gmail. 

My Gmail email is my first and middle initial with my last name (this is relevant). 


I got an email from Paypal today regarding the upcoming changes to the legal agreement for PayPal, and my initial reaction was to think nothing of it because I do have an account here, until I realized that email came to my Gmail account, not my Yahoo. So I opened it to check, and it wasn't addressed to me, it was addressed to another person with the same last name as me, but a different first name (same first initial, though). 


I know it isn't something, like, a PayPal spam or something, idk, because a couple of years ago, I was receiving emails for this same woman confirming orders she was making on other sites. I have no idea who this woman is, I've never heard her name until I started getting emails for her, so the only thing I can figure is that she mistyped her email address when buying this, or, since I think PayPal requires you confirm your email, she used to have the Gmail I now have? I don't know. And I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do, because this situation isn't one I could find in the Help section. But I am really tired of seeing this woman's name in my email, seeing as it's not her email that she keeps using.


Re: Receiving Emails for SOmeone Else

Hello @,whyausername


Thanks for reaching out to our Community Forums, welcome! I'm sorry to hear your email address is being used on someone else's account. Our Customer Support is equipped to handle these kind of concerns. I'd recommend reaching out to them over the phone for further assistance.


Best of luck!


 - Jon K

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Re: Receiving Emails for SOmeone Else

I have the same thing happening to me...also been happening for years...I've even emailed the woman directly because I can see her full name and email when I follow the links on the bottom of the PayPal notifications...SO ANNOYING!!  


Did you take the time to call PayPal as suggested and if so any good results?