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Really a newbie in terms of payments - how to do that? (Fees, how to pay)

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Really a newbie in terms of payments - how to do that? (Fees, how to pay)

I only used paypal for ebay and amazon purchases sometimes where the seller invoiced me. But i never used it to send money abroad. Can someone please send me insightful information as to where it can be used in the sense as to avoid hefty bank commissions and so forth.

I would like to make a payment of € 2600 to a lawyer in Spain. It will be partially paid now (50%) and the other half in 60 days. 
So what kind of advice can you give me as I am really very much a newbie. What kind of protection is given to the payer for instance?
What kind of fees do I need to pay? If there are any? Or what would the recipient need to pay? Please state this using the example of sending €100, €500 and €1000 so I get the idea. Thanks very much beforehand.


Will the conversion be done automatically (£) to € if I put £ into my paypal account or will the change of currency incur further costs. 

Does the lawyer send me an invoice through paypal and can I then pay this invoice via paypal? Can I just send money? What is the difference here?

Sorry for the many questions. 


Thank you.


Kind regards