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Re: need help


Re: need help

I did not use gifts/services.  I used money to family/friends, or whatever it says.  I have sent money several times in the past.

There was on previous time that charged a "fee" but I did not pursue it with paypal.  This time the "fee" was substantial.


My backup is my bank.  Money was in the bank to be used; the bank sets no limit.  The "fee" should be returned to me, without question.  How can I get this resolved?


Thanks for your help!

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Re: need help



ok you keep saying you had cleared funds in your bank account but still have not said how you funded it from that bank account.


If it was bank transfer then it would be free.

If it was a debit card then there is a fee.

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Re: need help

This has NOT been resolved.  To answer your question, the money was in my bank.  I transferred it to PayPal.  I then transferred the money from PayPal to family member.


This was cash transaction.  There were no goods or services involved, therefore no fee should have been charged!


Can someone please help.  I feel I am now getting the run-around.  It was all CASH.  Bank to PayPal; PayPal to family member.


Thank you!