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Re: Scam using PayPal customer service telephone


Re: Scam using PayPal customer service telephone

AND THIS IS NOT NEW!! Found this lil tidbit today: <removed> Insert the phone number after backslash to see SO many complaints <removed>


Scam using PayPal customer service telephone

I am a buyer in the process of receiving a refund from a seller. PayPal closed the case and seller contacted me asking what they should do... here is where it gets sketchy! I quickly googled "contact PayPal". It brought up a number[Removed. Phone #s not permitted](I confirmed with REAL PayPal that this is a number associated with them?) When I called them, a man answered (no automatons) and I explained that I needed to speak about an issue I was having. He asked for my name and "what was going on?". I told him why I was calling and he said "ok, I need to transfer you to our billing dept" I then spoke to a "supervisor" during this contact he asked for my name and the price of the item I was disputing. I gave him the info and told him, how about I just give you the case I'd? He took the info. He then said something to the effect of "we apologize for the trouble and we will give you a refund of 150$ for the trouble" The item was only 139.99 so I thought this was very odd! He then said I have multiple cards on file can you give me last four digits of the card where you want refund to go. I gave him the last 4 digits. He then read my phone number back to me (I never gave him this) and said he would send confirmation to me. I asked him "cant you just email it to me?" And he said he would but he had to verify through the phone listed on the account. That this was a security feature... he sends me a text message and the moment I seen it I was freaking out "Dear Paypal User Paypal has deposited funds of $150.00 in your card ending with <removed> for GOOGLE Play Card. ACCOUNT BALANCE WILL BE UPDATED SOON. Regards Paypal Support Team Dear customer your transaction has been declined due to some error code please contact paypal support team as soon as possible . Regards Paypal support team" I have canceled my bank cards, called PayPal and changed all my passwords.... I verified with PayPal that they did NOT issue a refund, contact me via cellphone or have any history of this interaction. My question is: 1. How did I end up with scammers from calling a number that is theirs? (Even verified on my phones call history) 2. How did they know my phone number? 3. How did they know I had multiple cards on file? I find this ALL very, very alarming as a consumer.


Re: Scam using PayPal customer service telephone

Paypal NEEDS TO PAY ATTENTION & HELP FIX this SCAM!!!  I contacted Paypal while in the car from Google. The guy asked for my email then said for security he had to send me a verification code to speak with me, he texted me a number, I gave it to him, then he went on to say my account had a security problem it was through Google and I needed to purchase a $50 Google Play card give him the numbers off it and I would be reimbursed and gave me the name of my bank that was listed on my Paypal.  When I questioned him he got short and tried to explain again, I stopped him and said I wanted to speak with Google first.  He offered to call me back to which I said No.  It was ALL A SCAM!!  I found the email where he changed my password so it happened for sure.  I changed my password to Paypal, contacted my bank to verify nothing had been touched and went on Paypal to report it (ended up in chat) and the guy at Paypal had nothing to say except change your password and Paypal has never been breached...Really?  I have the phone number where I spoke to the scammer, a screenshot of the Google search for customer service and nobody cares/!  This was WAY TOO easy, the passwords change policy MUST be corrected.  Honestly, I want to know why this scammer didn't just send himself money while he had my account open?[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]hows differently.  

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Re: Scam using PayPal customer service telephone

It's very disturbing how THEIR PHONE NUMBER can end you up in the hands of scammers. They removed the number on here (but read between the lines!) I assure you this is a 888 scam number. I just called it and it's a 221 busy signal 1,161 I believe these scammers have breached SOME of our info but not all of it. Either someone employed by PayPal is selling the info.. name, phone, last digits of cards on file and email etc. Or they have had a big security breach. The scammers dont have the "full" bank account info and that's where they need us... PayPal better listen up...

Re: Scam using PayPal customer service telephone

I want to explain a bit clearer now that I'm not so upset...  If for any reason you call Paypal CS (I did a Google search) you could be calling directly into a SCAM.  When you get on the phone with them everything is like normal; they ask for your email (so they know who's calling, normal) then they say they need to text you a verification code for security to verify it's really you (normal) so you give them the code from the text...  And POOF that's it ALL DONE, they are in your Paypal account with all your info!  The way they do it is by tricking you into calling (cause it looks like Paypal CS) then when you give your email they go straight to your account and click on "forgot password" then Paypal sends a text with a code to CHANGE your password to you, but you give it to them thinking it's verifying who you are and then they change your password and immediately get into your account and can see all the stuff you do when you sign in!!  Could and will happen to anyone...  Paypal needs to warn its customers not to CALL them, EVER.  And we need to change our recovery settings not to text that code!  

I'm contacting Google Ads, I have the scammer number on my phone and a screenshot of the Google search.  Let me know if you need my stuff also? 


Re: Scam using PayPal customer service telephone

So, a "moderator" removed much of what I said, including the website where I located the other complaints. Ehh, ok. I contacted the FTC as well as the attorney general listed in PayPal's legal mumbo jumbo..... The attorney general email they have listed is (drum roll please...) INCORRECTLY listed and I received "unable to deliver" auto response. So, I will do MORE work to locate the proper people to report this to. Ps. I have called the PayPal "guest phone number" and it's a straight busy signal.
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Re: Scam using PayPal customer service telephone




This is a community forum so of course scammers will try and scam on it if they can.

This they do everyday of the week. 

They post threads with fake telephone numbers in it for paypal. 

These are often put in a format not normally used to put for a phone number to try and get past the security in place, this is one reason you are not allowed to put telephone numbers on here.

If these threads slip past security then they can come up in a google search as well.

I report these threads for removal everyday but of course they keep reposting them as they get removed, they are often posted with 'helpful' info to appear genuine.

That is why paypal state the ONLY way to get their real number is by clicking help/support at the bottom of every paypal page and NOT via any threads or google.

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Re: Scam using PayPal customer service telephone

I fell prey to the exact same scam. I was super **bleep**.


I got called by an Indian scammer saying he was from PayPal customer services. He asked me for Google Play cards. The issue I was having was that my Cash Card wasn't working on a website I needed to pay on. But it turns out there was nothing wrong with my card in the first place - the website I was on was the actual problem, not my card. Unfortunately, I had already sent him $150 in Google Play before I found that my card was actually functional. This guy tried to tell me that "multiple IP addresses are in your account" and I explained to him that it's because he was in my account - and he was. It turns out, that he was using the phone verification thing to get codes from me over the phone and thus temporarily change my password. He did so twice.

Anyway, we argued about the money for a couple more minutes before he hung up on me. He told me that if I didn't give "Three $100 Google Play cards" to him, he was going to "give my money to charity." I told him I didn't have that much, and he asked me if I had $75, which is what I had left. I was yelling and fuming at him, demanding my money back, before he hung up on me. It was the angriest I had been in a long time.


I ended up taking the issue to PayPal, really PayPal, and they were able to give back just $80. So I got only 55% of my wasted money back. The only reason I sent him these cards in the first place was because he promised to pay it back to my balance. These scammers will say just about anything to get money out of people.


If this human piece of **bleep** was in front of me, I'd kill him.


MOTS: Never, under any circumstances, send gift cards to anyone you don't know.