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Random texts from a number claiming to be PayPal?


Random texts from a number claiming to be PayPal?

Hi.. I’m not sure if this is the right place but here goes.. I received a text message tonight from a random number saying my paypal account had temporarily been suspended (along with a link) because of too many attempts to log into my account BUT I haven’t been logging into my account at all until now to check out what was happening.. is that a scam text message that I received? Because my account seems fine and not suspended.. Any response would be appreciated, thanks 🙂

Re: Random texts from a number claiming to be PayPal?

Hi @bbygh0ul,


Thank you for being cautious! If you've logged in to your account by going to a browser window and typing in, you did the safest thing. If your account status is fine, then that's all the confirmation you need to know that what you received is a fake text designed to phish for your personal information. A lot of the information regarding fake emails is the same for text messages.


If you did click on the link, please consider any information that was entered at their site to be compromised.


I hope this helps!




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