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Possible fraudulent email from PayPaL

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Possible fraudulent email from PayPaL

I just an email from "onlineservicepaypalusa" at <removed> and want to know if it is fraudulent.  It says my PayPal account is temporarily locked and I should click on a link to provide necessary information


I went independently into my PayPal account and I didn't get any message for additional information. 


Is this phishing or a scam of some sort?



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Re: Possible fraudulent email from PayPaL



That is a phishing email. 


Emails from PayPal will always address you by your first and last name or business name. You did the right thing by not logging in through the phishing link. In the future, when you sell something, make sure in that situation you also go to the website directly, and log in to make sure you actually did receive your payment, and not a fake email saying you were sent a payment.


Here is a PayPal link with details on phishing and an email address at PayPal you can forward the fake email to.,-spoof,-or-phishing-emails-faq2340


Here are some PayPal links on keeping your account secure.