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Phishing Email


Phishing Email

I got this email below supposedly from PayPal. Does PayPal do any tracking of these Fraudsters?


Re: Reminder: [Daily Report] [Alert] [Remember Reservation] Sign in to PayPal-Web on an Microsoft Edge from - Receipt by email on: Friday, Mei 01, 2020 [Nota:<removed>

Wed 29-Jul-20 5:03 PM

<removed> Your PayPal has been limitedAs a part of our security measures, we proceed regularly screen activity to learn PayPal recently contacted you after having indentified a problem on your account. Demand information from you for following reason. Our system detected unusual changes to a card credit linked to your PayPal account. What do I have to do?It's simple click on the "Update Account" button and complete the account activation step. 

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Re: Phishing Email



You report them so that paypal can warn folks on the type of scams that come from those phishing emails.

They don't chase up who sent them as they are normally from anonymous or hijacked email addresses from someone working out of an internet cafe somewhere in another continent.

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