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Paypal trick to hold my money 180 days

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Paypal trick to hold my money 180 days

Hi everybody!

Two weeks ago , my account got limited because unusual activity . And last week , before submit required document , i email to a supporter . I tell him , i don't have driver license and passport because on Photo ID i can't choose National ID . He reply me , you just submit it , if it's not enough , i will email me for additional info . But when i submitted document , i got instantly permanent limited . Did paypal trick me as well . didn't it ? 

 P/s : I'm a disabled people , so i can't work like a normal , i choose MMO so i can make money on Internet . How can i get a driver license or passport ? Tell me Paypal . My paypal account used for Ebay transaction , No Open Cases , No Charge Back , No Unauthorize Payment . And paypal tell my paypal account involve Fraud ? What's Fraud ??????

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Re: Paypal trick to hold my money 180 days



You would need to ask customer services that question.

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