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Paypal transfer fraud?

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Paypal transfer fraud?

I have had issues transferring money from Paypal to my bank account.

Nothing on Paypal seems to be properly configured, and customer support is non existent.

I have used Paypal since 2004 but am seriously considering closing the account because the current actions performed by the company are questionable and potentially they are committing fraud.

I had a redundant bank account that I needed to change. It has taken nearly a month to register a new account.

2 transfers from Paypal to my bank account on 20th May 2020 dis not appear in my summary until the next day.

A transfer from Paypal to my bank account on 21st May 2020 appears as complete in the Paypal summary but has not been deposited into the account.

There is no email access to contact Paypal customer service.

The messaging service does not get a response when a message is left.

The utterly useless chatbot does not address questions or refer to a human operative to resolve issues. 

The resolution centre does not accept reference to the transaction, flagging an error.

The only phone number is a premium rate charged at £1.50 a minute [a scam]


These are all actions that are typically employed by scammers and fraudsters.

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Re: Paypal transfer fraud?



Withdrawals are 2-72 hours in the U.K.

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