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Paypal payment Receiveing in spam email


Paypal payment Receiveing in spam email


I've received a spam email supposingly from Paypal payment which I'm founding very dubious. Can anyone here help me to confirm if this is real or it's just a phishing scam. Just adding a copy of the email to make it more clear.

Fernando <removed>

You've got new funds from Stephen <removed>

28 March 2019 at 07:51

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March 2019
Transaction ID: U3CM25738UK738171N
Dear Fernando <removed>,

You have receive a payment of £2,500.00 GBP from Stephen <removed>

This payment has been received and deducted from your buyer's account, However this will not appear in your PayPal account History. Thanks for using PayPal.

We want you to know that this is our new Policy to verify Pick up agent fee before the accreditation of Payment. any questions? Call us: <removed>

Note to seller
You have to send out the agent pick up fee and get back to us with the Western union transfer details.
Agent's Info: - confirmed
Receiver's First Name: LOVETH <removed>
Receiver's Surname: <removed>
Address: <removed>
City: Wisbech Epsom
Postcode: KT19 8RH
Country: United Kingdom

Transfer Information
PayPal instruction below.

Unit price
Item Number N/A
£2,050.00 GBP
£2,050.00 GBP

Shipping & Handling

£400.00 GBP
(includes any seller handling fees)

Western union Charges

£50.00 GBP

£2,500.00 GBP
Payment sent from Stevegooch68


Please note that this payment will remain ' unclear ' until the Money transfer control number information is sent to us for Account accreditation so as to secure this transaction. For security reasons, we are now verifying Pick up agent fee before processing of funds into your account. PayPal Fraud Investigation Team is highly experienced in fraud prevention. We are doing our best to make sure all your transactions are safe, We need the following information to verify Western union money transfer details before we can credit your account. Send Money transfer control number , to our Accounting department (customerverifiedcenter) and one of our representatives will attend to you. Your money have already been cleared from the buyer's account, you will be notified by email when the funds have cleared into your PayPal account after we have verified the Western union transfer Number details .
This is to inform you that you are required to send a sum of £400.00 GBP to the address above via Western union Transfer and get back to us with the relevant information which you will be provided with after the money has been sent, you are requested to email us the Western union Control Number, sender's name and address used in making the transfer.As soon as we have received all these required informations from you, we will credit a sum of £2,500.00 GBP to your PayPal account.
Note:As this transaction was done via our e-mail payments service, any inquiries and necessary information should be sent to us by directly replying to this message, because of the status of this transaction, it has not been passed on to our customer care phone service section,and all inquiries should be directed to this e-mail address as it is the one monitored for your transaction.

*Do not send Money transfer control number details directly to the buyer in other to be covered under our PayPal Sellers Protection Policy *

Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team