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Paypal Protecting Scam Companies


Paypal Protecting Scam Companies

Closing my last paypal account.  Been with paypal using 2 accounts for over 14 years.     Paypal was once great... but over the years scams/unsatisfied transactions have slowy become an enormous problem.   My latest issue was a hosting company advertising instant service.   After 2 days of no service i canclend and opened the dispute.   after 5 days the company decided to activate service... and paypal denied the refund.   


1) I canceled and opened the dispute 2 days after no service as the company must be a scam (2 days is instant service?)
2) Paypal refuses refund because service was delivered (After 5 days, and i already found and have been paying for a separate service)

3) paypal refuses to let me "close my account" (meaning the scam company is going to get to keep taking direct from my bank account)

4) paypal responses are rude and make you (the customer) the problem in the scenario.


I'll never come back to paypal.