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Paypal Fee Refund After Disputed Fraudulent Ebay Sale

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Paypal Fee Refund After Disputed Fraudulent Ebay Sale

I sold an item on ebay yesterday for £600, the buyer payed instantly and the money less the 2.9% +30p appeared in my paypal account. I then got a message from the buyer saying he had bought it for a present for his daughter but had forgot to change the delivery address and could I send it to a different address. This immediately made suspicious and sure enough, moments later I get a another message saying he hadn't bought it, his account had been hacked and could I refund him. He also raised a dispute and which naturally found in his favour.

The money was refunded to him and which has left me £17.70 out of pocket. I contacted CS last night and they said I would get the £17.40 back but not the 30p. Nothing happened, I got back to them to ask when I this time they say I won't be getting anything back and the previous message was a mistake.

Is this correct? I feel like I've just been mugged.

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Re: Paypal Fee Refund After Disputed Fraudulent Ebay Sale



Sadly paypal no longer returns the fee you were charged when your buyer paid on issuing a refund.

They charge you for processing the initial payment (including from credit cards) and then the dispute and refund for you.

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