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*** Paypal Buttons functionality Request ***


*** Paypal Buttons functionality Request ***

Dear Paypal, and fellow Paypal users,


There are many rgreat things about th ePaypal Button system.


Our business has a LOT of Paypal butons. We always have. Started out with about 8 pages. Now we have 24.


I would like to request a couple of fairly basic functions to be added. I have been asking Paypal Representatives

for these for several years!  They would be a huge help and a great time savers for us, and are fairly basic

functions for a simple computer database like our Paypal Buttons.


1) Ability to SORT the buttons by name in Alphabetic / Numerical order.

Any time we EDIT a button it puts them out of order and thus garder to find in the future.


2) Ability to SEARCH for a Button by name. Then examine / edit the butrton.


3) Ability to search buttons by QUANTITY, and more specifically to find any button which has an inventory of zero.


Can someone please tell us this:

What is the best way to bump up this request to higher levels of Paypal Management, since the verbal request has been ignored for the past 8 years?