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Paypal Authorisation


Paypal Authorisation

I made an order on ebay. Money has left my account. Everything is great. Few minutes later i receive a text from 62226 “such and such marked suspicious. Press 1 for authorised and 2 for not authorised”. I cant reply back as I have a spending cap and apparently it charges to send a text back. My network is currently down so i cant change the spending cap.


any idea why this has flagged? It is a well known seller on ebay and I have never had this before. I used a discount code for the item purchased which brings it down to £91.99 yet on the text its asking me to authorise £114.99...


is this legit?


Re: Paypal Authorisation

Hi @HamShank,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


Generally, you receive that text message if our security system detects that the transaction may not have been authorised. If you made the transaction but you cannot reply to the text, do not worry, the payment should have been completed anyway. You can check it by logging in to your PayPal account. Also, if you paid more than what expected, it may be that the discount was not applied. In that case, I would recommend contacting the merchant. 


I hope this helps.