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Good day, can anybody please give me some advise on how to move forward, in April 2018 i sold a cellphone for an agreed price with the buyer. once the deal was done and the buyer paid, Paypal insisted that i pay almost 50% of the purchase price as their admin fees. after that was done they told me that they had made a clerical error and deposited more money from the buyers account into my account, and further insisted that i pay this additional amount as they could not reverse the transaction, contrary to whats listed in their welcome page i read just this morning.

its now almost 4 months later and i still have not received my money as they insist that i pay for a mistake that i did not make as they cannot rectify their own mistakes....if you have had a similar experience please tell me how you hopefully resolved your query.

In principal I should not be paying for their you agree ? look forward to any replies.....have a good day....