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Payments for online lessons from China


Payments for online lessons from China

I would really appreciate any advice and experience, as I am just about to start offering online lessons to pupils in China (I am in the UK). A have a few questions:

1) I've been told that Paypal isn't commonly used in China - but then seen other threads on this forum that says it is. Am I likely to be able to offer this as sole payment method?

2) Should I ask to be paid in GBP? Is this possible - it would be a lot easier for me as I can keep my rates identical and not worry about fluctuations.

3) Will I need a business PayPal account, or can I keep using my personal account? What are the pros/cons? I wanted to keep it all as simple as possible as I start out on this new venture.


Any advice on any of the above would be very welcome 🙂