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Payment protection


Payment protection

I have a customer interested in my eBay item. He lives in Peru and wants to pay via PayPal. He will organise the shipping himself. I don't know this person (2014pepeara). If he pays me via PayPal can you guarantee that he can not get access to my funds at a later date? It will be a large sum of money £3,600. How long after he pays the funds into my account can I move it to my local bank?

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Re: Payment protection



There are NO guarantees.


1. Paypal buyer protection is not a 100% coverall, you need to read up on it and risk assess your own transactions.

2. You have NO seller protection if the buyer arranges shipping himself.

3. Don't be taken in my the SCAM where they say they are going to arrange shipping and 'paypal' are holding funds until you pay the shipping courier for them first via moneygram or western union.............SCAM.

4. Even if the funds are in your bank account a buyer can open a dispute for non receipt of item and if you have not got trackable proof of delivery then paypal will refund the buyer and come chasing you to pay them back again.

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