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My name is Cynthia <removed> and deaf person. I ask you a question Who's this  Sharon works PayPal in New York? I sent $1,445.00 + $500 = Totals $2000 to Deanna <removed>for a fee but I haven't received $40,000 from Paypal who's this Sharon works PayPal in New York. Also, Sharon and Brain <removed> never response to me with WhatsApp. Why do they like to lie talk to me online with WhatsApp? So PayPal has to responsible who's works Paypal. I am really not appreciative. I don't like who's like play works PayPal for the advantage of my money. PayPal has to suppose knows who's person works PayPal. 


I want to buy Wash Laundry and Dishwasher but Sharon and Brain <removed>lie talk to me where's proof $40,000 with my eyes. I am seriously very upset.

PayPal must suppose investigation who's work PayPal. I said when I will receive as they said today but fraud or scam. 

My feel hurt with them works PayPal lie. I am still the College Academy Arts of University in San Francisco CA. for pay. Please, send to my email. Thank you


Cynthia <removed>

Esteemed Advisor

Re: PayPal



Sorry don't really understand you.

However it sounds as if you may have phoned a fake paypal number or spoken to fake paypal c.s. agents via Whatsapp?????

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Kudos / Solution appreciated.