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PayPal support experience


PayPal support experience

I am having an issue with sending payment for some reason it keeps asking me to add a new payment method even though I have 3 different ones linked already. PayPal support through the message center has been largely unhelpful during all of this and I can't call for help since all the phone lines are closed for who knows how long.


I already spent the entire morning until this afternoon trying to get someone to fix this and my experience has been like this - after connecting to a support team member they check the previous messages and copy paste a canned response you can find in the frequently asked questions section sometimes which has no relation to the issue I'm inquiring about. Then after I respond or even as I'm in the middle of typing my response they don't say anything and just connect me to a different person seemingly for no reason, then rinse and repeat this process for hours now with no solution.


Is this normal for the PayPal support department to just keep passing around people who need assistance like a hot potato then not even thoroughly reading the previous conversation or attempting to find someone that can actually help?