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PayPal stole my money (yep, another one of these)

New Community Member

PayPal stole my money (yep, another one of these)

PayPal charged me for a non-recurring payment that was listed as inactive in my account, and of course since it was inactive there was no option to cancel or change it, it was just like a permanent receipt there to show me I had paid it at one point in the past. This year they charged me again for a service I didn't ask for, I asked the company (because they have really good customer service unlike paypal who seem to be like the comcast workers from that south park episode) and they had someone online at 3AM on a weekday to confirm for me that the transaction had been rejected by them/didn't go through in the first place. So what PP did was steal my money and think I wouldn't notice. I contacted PP and they of course said it's all good and I can eat a big one because I supposedly agreed to the payment and they weren't going to reverse it.


You clearly care about your customers, PayPal. We love you so much.


I'm going to be laughing my **bleep** off while you crash and burn and some company that gives the slightest care about their customers takes over. I'm closing my account the instant this is over and never using PayPal again, and I assure you I WILL tell everyone I know to just pay with a credit card rather than use the PP option when they're buying things online from now on.