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PayPal's fees when I'm the seller

New Community Member

PayPal's fees when I'm the seller

I'm thinking of starting to take art commissions, which is completly new to me and I don't understand PayPal's fees. I get that they have to charge since it's also a company but I don't get how the fees are calculated and and who is to pay for what (customer/seller). I read that the recipient of the money were to pay but how would I then calculate my prizes? Should I just increase the base prize even tho PP would then ''take'' more? And what about conversion between currencies, do I have to increase my prizes in advance for that situation? What does the customer have to pay for and what do I? If I increase my prize then more goes into fees, I'm really lost and I couldn't find these answers on my own. 

I live in Finland and I tried to find the different percentages for different countries but I'm not sure what it would be if the transaction for example where USD to EUR. And should I take into account the conversion fee into the original prize (even tho the fee would grow in that case??), and would I be the one paying the fee or would the buyer?

I hope someone here knows a little bit more about it than I do.