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PayPal fees not refunded

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PayPal fees not refunded

I feel that the new legislation PayPal started a few months ago with regard to seller fees not being refunded if a transaction is cancelled is highly immoral.  PayPal make enough money from sellers when transactions are completed that they should be able to refund the sellers fees if a transaction has to be cancelled.

 There are many instances when a seller has done nothing wrong but has to give a refund because the item they sold has got lost in the post, the buyer has made a mistake and wants to cancel the order or they want to return an item because it doesn't fit. The seller refunds the buyer but doesn't get the PayPal fees refunded to their account and is therefore out of pocket while PayPal gets money from the seller for absolutely nothing.

 I know you could argue that you don't have to accept the return but if a buyer has made a genuine  mistake then it is immoral not to do so, plus long distance selling regulations give the buyer protection in these matters.

 Does anyone else feel that PayPal should rethink this non refund of fees to sellers rule for a cancelled transaction ?

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Re: PayPal fees not refunded



Paypal would argue that you are paying them to process your buyers payment for you (including from a credit card) and then processing a refund for you.

So you pay them for the service of doing so.

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