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PayPal-account for a Community


PayPal-account for a Community

Dear PayPal Community,


I am a 17-year old who runs a rapidly growing online gaming community. My community members are able to donate to get access to exclusive in-game content on my 'gaming server'. With these donations I can again pay for server and other costs.


As of now I have been using my personal PayPal-account for both personal and 'community' transactions, but as the amount of donations are increasing I would like to set-up a separate PayPal-account for my community. This way I can keep better track of the finances, as it will avoid my transactions mixing up.


I have read online that it is recommended for communities/groups to open a 'Business' PayPal-account, which is what I did. I went through all of the steps until I was prompted with the date-of-birth question. I am not allowed to own a 'Business' PayPal-account because I am under 18.


I will be turning 18 the 22nd of June this year, but I would already like to set-up this separate 'Business' account. Would this be possible? Or would there be another alternative?


Please note; It is a non-profit community. All of the donations I receive are spent on server and other costs, I do not use the money to profit financially from it.


Kind regards,




Re: PayPal-account for a Community

A response would still be highly appreciated Smiley Wink


Re: PayPal-account for a Community

Hi @LeandroV,


Thank you for your post!


A PayPal account of any type should not be created until the account-holder is 18. An account opened by a minor, whether Personal or Business, will likely be limited, even if it's discovered after the account-holder is 18. To avoid this inconvenience, I would recommend closing your existing account immediately, and reopening the account once you have turned 18. 


I hope this helps!






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