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PayPal/Venmo Button...DONATE Button is the answer?


PayPal/Venmo Button...DONATE Button is the answer?

Folks (& sharpiemarker)...


I think I fouled up.  I launched the webpage w/ the standard button code; & the amount to be paid was $1.  Then I realized that this code must be for a specific item for sale (on any website); & that amount needs to be entered into that code on the appropriate line.


To back up for a minute...the money is not going to be paid into 'my' personal paypal needs to go to the 'treasurer' of our area.  Our website represents a non-profit organization (a local area of NA).  So I'm thinking now that my best option would be that of a 'Donate' button.  I noticed in the setup dialog of that button, it asks for the e-mail address of the recipient.  I didn't go that far in the process (the area hasn't yet voted who that individual will be)...but when that occurs:


1) Is an e-mail address all that is needed to direct monies to one specific account? (knowing that I also have to provide info on the organization)
2) If the donating individual has a Pay Pal or Venmo account, will those options pop up automatically when the hit the donate button?


thanx again,